Super HeroYou probably think they only exist in comic books, films, and TV shows, but superheroes are real. Not only are they real, but odds are they’ve saved somebody on your block from the clutches of hidden dangers lurking within their plumbing. The superheroes I’m talking about don’t wear capes, but they do carry around fancy equipment, possess fascinating powers, and fight nasty, determined villains. I’m talking, of course, about the friendly neighborhood water treatment professionals, like the ones at Rayne of the Valley. But in case you think we’re exaggerating, here are 4 ways water treatment pros are secretly superheroes in disguise.

1) A Compelling Backstory

Comic book superheroes have officially been around since the early 1930s, which is a long time, but not nearly as long as water treatment has been. As early as 1500 BC, the ancient Egyptians first used alum compounds to collect suspended particles in water for the purpose of purifying water. It was so important to them that the technique was recorded on the walls of the tomb of Ramses II. The ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, invented the practice of filtering water through a cloth sleeve, in order to trap sediments that were causing water to taste or smell bad. Talk about a compelling backstory! Water treatment pros are keeping alive a safe-water that stretches back millennia.

2) A “Rogues’ Gallery” of Villians

Any superhero worth his or her salt needs to have a “rogues’ gallery” of villains to battle and vanquish, and so it is with water treatment professionals. We’ve been fighting the big baddies like hard water, chlorine, lead, and nitrates as long as we’ve been around, as well as others like arsenic, chromium, chloramines, sulphur, copper, and iron. And just like superhero villains, they pop up right when you least expect, so vigilance—and a visit from a Rayne of the Valley representative—is the best way to stay safe.

3) Fancy Gadgets

Fancy gadgets are nearly as iconic as the superhero who uses them, and water treatment pros are no exception. Instead of magic rings, spiderweb shooters, or bat-shaped boomerangs, though, we use fancy devices like TDS (total dissolved solids) meters, and water testing kits stocked with sophisticated chemical solutions. And when we really want to get to work on improving the quality of your water, we bring out the big guns: automatic and portable-exchange water softeners, carbon filters, and under-sink reverse osmosis drinking water filters. And just like some superheroes, you can find us driving around in our own special vehicles. You can’t miss them, since they’re boldly decorated with the Rayne of the Valley logo.

4) A Fancy Lair

Finally, no superhero is complete without a fancy lair to retire to, good for crafting plans on how best to take on the enemy (water contaminants), and for working on newer, fancier gadgets. The only difference between our lair and those of superheroes, though, is that you’re welcome to stop by and visit us at ours! Or, if you’d prefer, we’d be more than happy to drop by your house at your request, investigate your water problems, and provide you with a swift, effective solution. After all, what’s a superhero for if not to help you save the day!

To schedule a free consultation with a Rayne of the Valley representative (ahem, I mean superhero) on how easy it is to improve the quality of your water, and for a free, basic, no obligation water test, visit or call toll-free: 800.594.3300