Why Water Quality Testing in Los Angeles Matters

water quality testing los angeles

Professional water quality testing and analysis is an important step in understanding whether or not the tap water entering your Los Angeles home has toxic chemicals.

According to a water quality study co-authored by the Metropolitan Water District and the Environmental Working Group, the drinking water from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power rated 83rd out of 100 large U.S. cities in 2009!


Australia and Israel Lead The Way On Water Conservation

As a water treatment company based in Southern California, Rayne of the Valley caters to a very diverse clientele, and we learned quickly that no matter where you’re from, access to water matters. But the thing about geography is that some countries are not as water-wealthy as others, which means water conservation becomes very important when it comes to ensuring national stability. That said, Australia and Israel, in particular, have shown that sound water conservation tactics and cutting-edge technology put them ahead of the pack when it comes to only using what is necessary.


Your Well Water Wake-Up Call

water wellIf you’re one of the many people across the country who get their daily supply of water from the ground, you’re keeping alive a tradition that has been going on for thousands of years. Although many of today’s wells in the USA use modern equipment, many others are not too far away from the wells of long ago. That includes their benefits as well as their risks, which is why it’s good to know as much as possible about where you get your water from, and how you can fix it if there’s a problem with it that can compromise its quality or safety.