bottled water plastic problem

Plastic bottles. You can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Or can you? At Rayne of the Valley, we believe in drinking water solutions that eliminate the need for plastic bottles.

Listen, we know it’s convenient, easily available and sometimes super cool according to celebrities, but believe us when we say, the plastic bottle just isn’t for you anymore. It’s time to kick plastic. Here’s why.

“SMART”, but is it really?

Bottled water companies portray their products as smart, pure, or sustainable to convince you that buying bottled is a better alternative to treating water readily available in your home. Their plastic bottles leach chemicals into the water within over time, especially after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Bottled water companies claim their sources (fresh mountain springs, clouds etc.), are unique to their products when they are actually different stages of the water cycle.

Why would they lay claim to a natural process that has occurred for thousands of years? The startling truth is their water sources are no different than your tap water. These companies became the mediator between you and your water by selling you the vessel: plastic.

Ever make special trips to the store to refill your 5 gallon jug? Had your drinking water sit in the sun for hours after missing your delivery driver? Or forget to buy enough bottled water for the week? Clean drinking water should not put strain on your time and money. It can be as easy as turning on your faucet and better for the environment too.

Rayne of the Valley offers smart and sustainable solutions throughout Los Angeles to treat your drinking water at home. We also won’t try to convince you that we somehow made a natural resource better by bottling it in plastic.

Waste not, want not

Consider the life cycle of a plastic bottle. More than 17 million barrels of oil go into the production of water bottles each year. It takes three times the amount of water to make each bottle as it does to fill it, according to Business Insider’s “15 Outrageous Facts About the Bottled Water Industry”. The sad truth is most of these bottles end up in landfills. The small percentage that are recycled can only be used again in non-food items.

Bottled water claims to be eco-friendly but relies on trucks to transport their product every day, constantly burning fossil fuel to deliver a plentiful natural resource. Think about this every time you see a delivery truck chugging along the 405 during rush hour.

Los Angeles recently passed a soft ban on one-use plastic bags in order to reduce pollution, opting to charge the consumer 10 cents per bag. However, plastic bags are only a small fraction of a larger issue. Hard plastics are the bulk polluters.

Alternative to Bottled Water Service for Home Delivery

Treating your household tap water with a Rayne of the Valley reverse osmosis system provides a source of fresh drinking water and almost entirely eliminates the need for plastic bottles and their costly delivery services.

At Rayne, we believe that bottled water is no good for Los Angeles. Sustainable drinking water should not put unnecessary waste into the environment. Sure, a $3 plastic bottle may be convenient. Perhaps even attractive in its false promises. But if you peel off the label you can see through it for what it really is: an environmental issue in need of solutions Rayne is proud to provide.