We offer a full line of commercial and industrial grade Water Softeners and Conditioners for conditioned and process water makeup with either city line pressure or pump assisted to meet any demand or seismic specification.

With Rayne of the Valley’s focus on the customer, we can meet your needs with hands free solutions, or train your team on daily operation of any water system.

Local to the Greater Los Angeles Area we have the capability in servicing all Conditioning and Softening needs in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Our experienced service team will make your water purity system a priority to run flawlessly and hands free as possible. With hundreds of years of combined experience, our service team has the knowledge and capability to service your equipment to meet any demand.

Water softening provides the removal of Calcium and Magnesium which is known as hardness (CaCO3) that leaves scale on appliances and decreases efficiency of water heaters causing increased energy consumption. Hard water can create buildup on piping causing clogs or worse. A water softener increases the effectiveness of soap and removes hard water stains that are noticeable in Los Angeles’ 9-30 grains hard water. Our softeners use high grade cation resin for increased resistance to the high rate of attrition common to Los Angeles leading to less media exchanges/rebeds saving you money on maintenance.

Our industrial and commercial water conditioning / softening water treatment systems are available at any flow rate or gallons per day with custom configuration. Installation and support are standard. We are capable to meet any water or seismic demand. We can build our equipment in Steel or Fiberglass to allow for customization to meet your needs. Rayne of the Valley is capable of design, sizing, delivery, installing, and conducting continued maintenance. We can provide portable exchange softeners, delivery of salt by the skid or bag, salt injection, or brine silos. We can provide repair on salt silos, brine pits, brine holding tanks, meters, and repair on all types of water softeners and conditioners.

We are proud to have clients in most industries. Whether your water source is well or city water, at any TDS or Hardness we can provide makeup water for boilers, washers, dish machines, water heaters, cooling tower makeup, and everything in between we can even provide conditioned or process water equipment in a worry-free installation. Our installations are efficient, we use reliable meters to initiate regeneration cycles saving salt and water.

Our expertise with water softening and conditioning is beyond technical equipment knowledge, we design and manufacture. Our expert staff will help you design and install equipment to meet any water demand. Our staff can repair, exchange media (rebed), replace tanks, give hands free salt solutions, and help you run more efficiently using less salt.

Give us a call toll free with any questions about your current or future system, (800) 594-3300 or feel free to contact us.