Portable DI Water Systems

Rayne portable water de-ionizer service is ideal for preserving the finish on a collectable automobile or for spot free windows and glass around the home. At Rayne we provide portable DI service to automotive collectors, dealers and detailers, window-cleaning services and discriminating homeowners. Call us or click the Contact link above today for your free water test, and to get your free water test.

Recirculating Systems

Re-circulating systems with open or closed loop designs can be problematic if suitable water quality is not maintained. The cost of water treatment for these systems is a bargain compared to replacement costs and lost time due to equipment failure or water that is not suitable for your process. Call us or click on the Contact link above today and find out how we can put your worries to rest and make sure that your system performs at peak quality levels at all times.

UV Sterilization Units

UV is an excellent way to control bacterial growth within your pure water system. The professionals at Rayne of the Valley can specify a UV treatment system that will control growth and reproduction of most unwanted biological contaminants. Give us a call or click on the Contact link above today and see how we can help solve your bacterial proliferation problem.

Particulate Filtration

When water is turbid, cloudy or causes staining it can be impossible to use or serve to your customers. At Rayne we carry a wide range of sediment, depth and particulate filters to correct these kinds of problems. Call us or click the Contact link above today and let us show you how we can correct your water quality problems.

Chlorine and Chloramine Reduction Removal

Public water supplies are safeguarded with disinfectants that can leave unpleasant characteristics. Some of these compounds, or the byproducts that they eventually break down to, can be harmful to aquatic life and will cause problems with fish ponds and aquariums. For people who are sensitive to such chemicals, they can cause dry, itchy skin, brittle hair and other problems. At Rayne we carry a wide range of solutions and can recommend a system that will make your water just how you like it: clean, clear and delicious. Give your Rayne of the Valley water pros a call or click on the Contact link above and schedule an appointment for your free water test. You will learn what is in your water supply, where it comes from, and what we recommend to make it great!

Drinking Fountains

For heavily trafficed areas, public buildings and outdoor locations, a free standing drinking water fountain has always been the go-to option for quick refreshment with little hassle. At Rayne we use only the highest quality equipment to ensure reliability and durability. There are several models available and they can be installed with or without a Rayne filtration system. Call us or click the Contact link above today and find the right solution for your gym, waiting room or office/school application.

Heaters and Chillers

It’s always nice to have a supply of instant hot and/or chilled drinking water available for quick and easy use. At Rayne we can help with these specialized applications to provide a bit more comfort in a hectic household or business. Instant hot or chilled water is perfect for a quick thirst quenching drink, refilling a bottle for your evening walk or for preparing instant oatmeal or soup when you’re on the go. Designer faucets are also available to match any home décor. Call us or click the Contact link above today and let us design a system for your home or business that will make life easier for everyone!

Water Treatment System Repair On Most Major Brands

Our professionals always prefer to work on Rayne of the Valley water conditioning equipment, however we also know what a lonely feeling it can be to try to get service on an obsolete system, especially if the company who installed it has discontinued the unit or even stopped doing business altogether.

If you have an old water treatment system and do not know who to call to get it repaired then contact us. We will try our best to fix it for a reasonable price. Call us at 800-594-3300 or request a free quote to have your system evaluated!

Salt or Potassium Delivery

At Rayne we service what we sell. When you buy a Rayne system you can sit back, relax and let your Rayne professional do all of the work. We will come to your home or business on a regular basis to check your system and perform a five point visual inspection. Salt or potassium is added as needed. This convenient service will insure that your Rayne of the Valley water treatment system will operate at it’s optimum level at all times. Call us or click the Contact link above today and start saving money, time and trouble right away!

Scale Inhibitors

For applications where water treatment might not be feasible, but protection is still needed, such as commercial ice makers, boilers and evaporative coolers, a scale inhibitor is an excellent compromise. At Rayne we use only food grade, FDA approved inhibitors. All products are approved for use in food service or residential applications. Call us or click the Contact link above today and start saving money, time and trouble right away!