Everpure Cartridge Service

The Everpure line of filtration products are engineered for the food service industry and represent the best in terms of quality and serviceability. At Rayne we can put your restaurant or home on a regular service schedule and eliminate the hassle of finding and changing your own filters.

The EverpureTM line of filter products are ideal for coffee and tea, icemakers or anywhere where basic taste, odor and sediment filtration are desired. Call us or click the Contact link above today and start saving money, time and trouble right away!

Water Dispenser Cabinets

Rayne drinking water cabinets can be installed with taste and sediment filtration or as part of a Reverse Osmosis system. A Rayne drinking water cabinet installation will eliminate bottles in closets and hallways. In fact, you will completely eliminate the hassles of having heavy bottles delivered (putting them out for pick-up, lifting them on to the cooler, storage etc). The drinking water experts at Rayne can design a system for your office or home that will do all of this and save money at the same time. Call us or click the Contact link above today and start saving money, time and trouble right away!

Automatic Water Softeners

A Rayne automatic softener is a popular water treatment solution in dry, arid regions like Southern California. Water that is high in dissolved minerals can cause a range of problems. For many people a high quality Rayne whole house softening system is able to provide relief from dry skin and/or hair. Any home equipped with a Rayne automatic softening system will stay cleaner and run more efficiently.

Using our exclusive water softener lines, your Rayne of the Valley professional is able to offer aesthetic chlorine taste and odor reduction and sparkling soft water from a single system. The Rayne service team is here to make sure that the system is properly maintained and that the Rayne Filtrex media is changed on a regular basis. Call us or click the Contact link above today for a free water test and to find out which Rayne system is right for your family.

Whole House Multi-Media Water Filtration Systems

Rayne Multi-Media filters are specially engineered to treat your water for various contaminants. We use a layered filter-media bed to provide you with a level of filtration not possible before. Multi-Media water filtration effectively removes tastes and reduces offensive odors caused by impurities that are found in most local water supplies. Multi-Media systems are also a great alternative for people who are concerned about the environmental impact of using a traditional water softener or live in an area where ground water chloride issues exist. Call us or click the Contact link above today for a free water test, and to find out if a Rayne Multi-Media system is right for your family.

Whole House Water Filtration

You’re probably aware that some water supplies can have unpleasant characteristics. For many people the objectionable tastes and odors in their tap water can make taking a shower or brushing their teeth in the morning a less-than-pleasant experience. If the smell of chlorine (or the dryness it can cause to sensitive skin), is a problem at your home or business, or if there is a stale or stagnant taste or odor, the chances are good that a Rayne Whole House Filtration System can help.

At Rayne we carry a wide range of filtration systems that are engineered to correct various undesirable water characteristics. Your Rayne professional will be happy to perform a free basic analysis of your tap water and recommend the Rayne system that is right for you. Call us or click the Contact link above today for your free water test.

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis, or RO in the water treatment industry, produces water that is as good or better than bottled water and is more economical.

Businesses can save money and eliminate the hassle of storing and changing bottles.

Residential installations can often be configured to serve the refrigerator ice-maker, coffee or espresso machines and instant-hot water dispensers.

For a convenient source of clean, great tasting water at a reasonable cost a Rayne RO system is tough to beat.

If you are concerned about the quality of the drinking water at home or at your business, an RO system from Rayne could be just what you have been looking for.

Systems are available to rent or buy. The Rayne RO rental program includes all required filter changes and maintenance at a low monthly rate.

  • Made from NSF or FDA compliant materials
  • All major components tested prior to shipping
  • Polytubing color-coded for ease of installation
  • High-Flow Faucet
  • Environmentally sound: no chemicals
  • 10 year limited warranty

Portable Exchange Water Softening Service

Portable Exchange Water SofteningRayne of the Valley is one of only a handful of water treatment dealers in the Los Angeles area who still provide this convenient water softening service.

Our soft water customers get all of the benefits of soft water without purchasing, or having to otherwise maintain a system. Rayne does all the work so you don’t have to. Our service is tailored to fit your needs, based on usage patterns and the characteristics of the water entering your home. We can also treat for chlorine, taste and odor.

Our portable exchange water softening service is a great solution for commercial businesses to manage their water treatment requirements. For residential customers it is a convenient, trouble free means of enjoying all of the great benefits of soft water without any maintenance commitments and a very low up front cost.

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