Reverse Osmosis, or RO in the water treatment industry, produces water that is as good or better than bottled water and is more economical.

Businesses can save money and eliminate the hassle of storing and changing bottles.

Residential installations can often be configured to serve the refrigerator ice-maker, coffee or espresso machines and instant-hot water dispensers.

For a convenient source of clean, great tasting water at a reasonable cost a Rayne RO system is tough to beat.

If you are concerned about the quality of the drinking water at home or at your business, an RO system from Rayne could be just what you have been looking for.

Systems are available to rent or buy. The Rayne RO rental program includes all required filter changes and maintenance at a low monthly rate.

  • Made from NSF or FDA compliant materials
  • All major components tested prior to shipping
  • Polytubing color-coded for ease of installation
  • High-Flow Faucet
  • Environmentally sound: no chemicals
  • 10 year limited warranty