The RayneSmart Ultra-High Efficiency Water Softener turns the world of water softeners upside-down with a pioneering twin-tank sensor technology that maximizes your unit’s efficiency of salt usage, saving you money on salt and simplifying your softener.

Soft and Conditioned Water

  • Improved personal grooming
  • Reduced spotting and scaling
  • Softer, brighter clothes
  • Relief from dry skin
  • Closer, less irritating shaves
  • Promotes environmentally sensitive practices
  • Gentle and soft on baby’s skin

How is RayneSmart Better Than My Current Water Softener?

Rayne Smart Water Softener

A traditional water softener is usually set to a rigidly timed sequence that alternates between water softening and regeneration (softener regeneration is the process by which a water softener’s resin media, exhausted from continued softening of hard water, is flushed with salt water brine to recharge its softening ability).

This method of calculating salt usage is very general and does not account for changes in usage between cycles. The RayneSmart trumps previous water softener designs by combining the twin-tank model of operation (which allows each tank to operate until completely exhausted) with sensor technology that calculates water softening rates, adjusting the RayneSmart so that it operates at optimum efficiency.

Rayne Smart Eco FriendlyRayneSmart Benefits Rundown

  • 40-80% reduction in salt usage
  • Salt & water savings by using 100% capacity of tank-in-use before switching to secondary tank
  • RayneSmart regenerates with soft water,
  • 24×7 soft water availability
  • Easy to program
  • Sensor system can provide a low-salt warning

The RayneSmart Ultra-High Efficiency Twin-Tank Water Softener is the best softening option for a changing world of water softener awareness, and is a perfect unit for residential or light commercial installations.

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