residential water drinking systemsIf the quality of tap water concerns you at home, then you need to rent or buy a reverse osmosis or ion exchange drinking water system from Rayne in Los Angeles.

Both types use a combination of filtration technologies to reduce unwanted contaminants in a water supply to produce the best in purified, clear soft drinking water.

Residential installations can often be configured to also serve the refrigerator, ice-maker, coffee, or espresso machines and instant-hot water dispensers.

The Reverse Osmosis Difference

For a convenient source of clean, healthy and great tasting purified water at a reasonable cost, a Rayne reverse osmosis drinking water system is tough to beat.

Reverse Osmosis, or RO in the water treatment industry, purifies water that is as good or better than bottled water and is more economical. The RO membrane is the heart of the filtration system. It is designed to reduce the dissolved mineral content of the water.

We rent or sell both of these RO models to Los Angeles homeowners. Each uses a sediment pre-filter to reduce sediment particles before the membrane filters out impurities larger than .001 microns.

RaynePure Plus®
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  • up to 50 gallons of water produced daily
  • 1 high flow, decorator sink faucet


  • up to 50 gallons of water produced daily
  • 1 high flow, decorator sink faucet

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  • whole house softener system
  • every house faucet equipped

Rent or Buy?

All our residential drinking water systems are available to rent or buy. The Rayne RO rental program includes all required filter changes and maintenance at a low monthly rate.

Not sure whether to rent or buy? Here are some reasons to help you decide which option is best for you.

Reasons to Rent:

  • Not sure if your going to like soft water.
  • Planning to move or relocate in a couple of years.
  • Renting your house or condo.
  • Don’t want to get financing.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Already familiar with and love soft water.
  • Not planning to move or relocate in 5 years.
  • Have the income to buy today.
  • Don’t want a monthly rental bill.

As part of a reverse osmosis system, or stand alone product, we can design and install custom drinking water cabinets. A Rayne drinking water cabinet installation will eliminate bottles in closets and hallways. In fact, you will completely eliminate the hassles of having heavy bottles delivered (putting them out for pick-up, lifting them on to the cooler, storage etc).

The LINX® Difference

We also rent and sell the Rayne Evolution® drinking water system with LINX technology. The Evolution is a fully programmable water purifier unit that provides your home with the greatest tasting drinking water possible while wasting up to 90% less water than most old-fashioned reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water systems.

LINX refers to an ion exchange regenerating technology. With getting technical, this technology will save you more water than a reverse osmosis systems. For instance, 70% of the water treated by a LINX unit is recoverable as drinking water; a typical Reverse Osmosis will only save about 4%.

With consistent daily use, an RO system might end up wasting nearly ten thousand gallons of water per year, whereas a LINX system usually wastes around only 250 gallons. Additionally, the Rayne Evolution typically costs about 2 cents worth of electricity per gallon of water to run.

For many Angelinos who face water restrictions due to the California drought, or sensitive to wasting water and its environmental impact, not to mention saving money, then the Evolution is your future drinking water system.