water filtersAt Rayne we install a wide range of residential water filter systems engineered to correct undesirable water characteristics found in many Los Angeles homes. We can customize any water filtration system for larger homes in Los Angeles too.

The Rayne Executive® whole house filtration system is very popular and comes in 10″ and 12″ tank diameter sizes. However, the Puroserve® system is by far the best solution available today.

In addition, we sell and service ALL major brands of water filters in various diameters and lengths. Most popular are Pentek, Big Blue, Aqua Flow, Hydronix, and Neo-Pure. A Rayne representative can arrange for regular home service to eliminate the hassle of finding and changing your own filters. In general, water filters should be changed every 3 to 6 months based on water quality and usage.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

You’re probably aware that some water supplies can have unpleasant characteristics. For many Angelinos the objectionable tastes and odors in their tap water can make taking a shower or brushing their teeth a less-than-pleasant experience.

If the smell of chlorine (or the dryness it can cause to sensitive skin), is a problem at your home, or if there is a stale or stagnant taste or odor, the chances are good that a Rayne Whole House Filter System, such as the Rayne Executive or Puroserve, can help.

Multi-Media Filters

Rayne Multi-Media filters are specially engineered using a layered filter-media bed to provide you with a level of filtration not possible before. Multi-Media water filtration effectively removes tastes and reduces offensive odors caused by impurities that are found in most local water supplies. Multi-Media systems are also a great alternative for eco-sensitive homeowners who are concerned about using a traditional water softener, or live in Los County areas where groundwater contamination issues exist.

Puroserve Filters

The shortcoming of Rayne Executive multi-media water filters is that they don’t remove ionized materials. A Puroserve filter, however, does. It’s the most effective filtration system you can buy to incorporate in your new or existing grey water system. It’s advanced technology delivers Reverse Osmosis (RO) water to every faucet of your home. Plus, Puroserve also softens water! It’s a great solution if you live in an area where salt softeners are discouraged or being regulated.

Sediment & Particulate Filters

When water is turbid, cloudy or causes staining it can be impossible to use or serve to your customers. At Rayne we carry a wide range of sediment, particulate and depth filters to correct these kinds of problems. Let us show you how we can correct your water filtration problems.

Carbon Radial Filters

Drop in carbon filters with a radial flow design promote higher flow rates and provide excellent chlorine reduction with minimal pressure drop. They removes the taste and odor of chlorine, particulates and chemicals in your water. We carry ALL major types of carbon radial filters.