water softenersA Rayne water softener is a popular water treatment solution in dry, arid regions like Los Angeles, CA.

Water that is high in dissolved minerals can cause a range of problems and decrease the life of water heaters, plumbing, faucets, shower door and other water appliances.

For many Angelinos, a high quality Rayne whole house water softening system is able to provide relief from dry skin or hair, as well as extend the life of their clothes and laundry.

Any Los Angeles home equipped with a Rayne automatic softening system will stay cleaner and run more efficiently. Whether you rent or buy, our professional service team will make sure the system is properly maintained and that the filter is changed on a regular basis.

Water Softeners To Meet Your Family’s Needs

Whether you rent or buy a Rayne water softener for your home or condo, you are assured it will be very durable and long-lasting. Every series model has a lifetime warranty (non transferable) and is equipped with the very latest water softening technology. Your family deserves odor-free, clean sparking soft water at home.

Rayne Versa®PDF:
Ideal for one or two people. Perfect for large families. Eco-friendly. Great for really hard water.

Rayne Smart®:
Twin tank solution perfect for large families. Eco-friendly. Ultra high efficiency. Great for really hard water. Self cleaning cycle and self-learning valve.

RF Home Series:
Good Value. Ideal for small spaces. Available in 2 models. Min and max softening capacity (grains) varies based on model.

RXD Home SeriesPDF:
Perfect for large families. Eco-friendly and efficient. Our Top seller. Available in 2 models for smaller spaces.

Rayne High Flow:
Ideal for large home plumbing, heavy duty applications and light commercial. Superior Flow Rates. User friendly controls.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water to ever faucet of your house. Ideal for one or two people. Perfect for large families. Eco-friendly. Great for really hard water.

Not sure which series is best for you? We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment at your home to provide our advice and a free price estimate so you can make the best decision.