portable exchange serviceDo you want soft water delivered to your home instead of having to refill your tank with salt or potassium yourself?

Would you prefer to rent a water softener system and have it fully maintained on monthly basis with no annual contract instead of having to purchase and install a home system yourself?

If you answered yes, contact us to learn about our residential portable water exchange service.

Get all of the benefits of soft water without purchasing, or having to otherwise maintain a water softener system. Rayne does all the work so you don’t have to.

This rent-only service is tailored to fit your needs, based on usage patterns and the characteristics of the water entering your home.

Rayne of the Valley is one of only a handful of water treatment dealers in the Los Angeles area who still provide this convenient water softening rental service to homeowners.

Our portable exchange service is a great solution for residents to manage their household water treatment requirements. It is a convenient, trouble free means of enjoying all of the great benefits of soft water without any maintenance commitments and a very low up front cost.

Portable Water Deionizing Service

Rayne also provides a portable water deionizer (DI) service for discriminating homeowners who demand spot free windows and glass around their homes. One of our Beverly Hills soft water customers uses this service to preserve the finish on his collection of classic automobiles.

Granted this service is not for the typical residential application. But it is available and a Rayne representative would be happy to provide you more details.