water quality testing los angeles

Professional water quality testing and analysis is an important step in understanding whether or not the tap water entering your Los Angeles home has toxic chemicals.

According to a water quality study co-authored by the Metropolitan Water District and the Environmental Working Group, the drinking water from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power rated 83rd out of 100 large U.S. cities in 2009!

Municipal Water Testing

If your water is provided by a municipal distribution system, like your local city, town or public utility, then it is usually ok to rely on the annual water quality test report published by the purveyor.

Public water suppliers in Los Angeles County are required to provide water that meets Federal drinking water standards — and they must publish the results of their testing annually.

If you have any reason to doubt the accuracy of your public utility water test report, like whether it just lists averages and not spikes, then you should contact Rayne of the Valley for a professional opinion of your tap water in order to be sure that it does not exceed health standards or public health guideline limits.

Well Water Testing

Thousands of Los Angeles residents, particularly in the canyons and mountain areas, rely on water that is pumped directly from the ground to their home – either from a groundwater well on their property, or from a small system such as a community well that also serves the homes of one or more of their neighbors.

For well water users it is wise to have your water tested by a Rayne of the Valley professional to keep the people who are using it safe.

If we have reason to suspect there is a health concern with your groundwater after looking at its physical properties, we will recommend and can arrange a state certified laboratory water analysis test to determine if your water meets Federal drinking water standards. The analysis reports costs between $200 and $400.

Your well water may need treatment, it may not, but with the right information you can make that determination for yourself.

Request a free water quality test in your Los Angeles home

A professional water quality test in Los Angeles County by Rayne of the Valley is the best way to ensure that your tap water at home is not just safe, but also has the quality characteristics that will make it usable and provide peace of mind. You can request a free water test online, or call us at 888-928-6691.